My Valentine’s Day Wish

It’s time for the third annual Valentiny writing contest from Susanna Leonard Hill! The rules are to write a Valentine’s story appropriate for children (children here defined as ages 12 and under) maximum 214 words in which someone is hopeful. See the contest here. Thanks Susanna for putting on such great contests to inspire us writers to get to work! 🙂 Here is my entry:


My Valentine’s Day Wish

Valentines are meant to say

“I Love You” on one single day.

But, that is not the only way

to show somebody love.


Love can’t be given by what’s bought.

It’s something learned. It’s something taught.

Much more than just one day of thought –

there’s always time for love.


So, here’s my wish:  that we can find

a way to love, and to be kind.

It can be written, spoken, signed –

all different forms of love!


My hope is brown loves white loves green,

and every color in between,

no matter who or what is seen,

‘cause everyone needs love.


This year instead of cards and treats,

and just one day of heart-shaped sweets,

let’s all get up out of our seats

and SHOW each-other love.


If someone’s lonely, take their hand.

If they are crying, understand.

A kid who’s bullied? Take a stand!

Our actions show we love.


It cannot be that hard to see

a world that loves all equally

that sees the good in you and me.

We ALL deserve some love.


Some say that I’m a dreamer. True.

But I KNOW it’s inside of you.

I’m hopeful that it CAN come true –

this whole year full of love!


17 thoughts on “My Valentine’s Day Wish”

  1. Kristen, this is beautiful and well written. Love the rhyme scheme. You’ve written a beautiful poem. This would make a lovely PB, along the lines of I WISH YOU MORE. Best of Luck with this (now, and in the future).


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